2013 Komen Race for the Cure

The streets of downtown Columbus were packed today with runners and walkers, racing for one common goal – to find a cure for breast cancer. It was wonderful to see over 40,000 people participate, knowing that they each have made some type of financial contribution to the cause as well as taken their Saturday morning to show their support. It is quite the event.

Everyone has those memories that impact their perspective on life. The day I found out that my ex-mother-in-law had been diagnosed with breast cancer, is one for me. In 2001, my ex-husband (boyfriend at the time) knocked on my dorm room at Denison University and as I opened it he burst into tears. I’d never seen him cry. I had no idea what to do as he lay on my shoulder, all I could do was hug him. He then began to tell me that his mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and he was scared. I couldn’t believe it – she was a healthy, active, and fit woman- in her early 50’s and a doctor. Things like cancer are not supposed to happen to these kind of people. But that’s just the thing,  it can happen to anyone and at anytime, as we can only do so much to prevent it. The next few months of chemotherapy were not easy to watch, but she was resiliant, refusing to let the cancer deter her – she was as active as doctors allowed, rarely missed a social function due to feeling sick or tired, and continued to exude optimism and positivity throughout. She took pride in her wig, and enjoyed trying new hair styles, as she said it was the one time she could have fun switching her hair color daily. Then it happened, she was through her treatments and cancer free! She participated in the next Race for the Cure, wearing her pink proudly as a survivor and spreading hope to all those still battling the disease. So while I have not had any contact with them for five years, I am confident that she is still cancer free, spreading the word about the importance of mammograms, and continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So as I ran today – honestly legs throbbing from the previous days workout and just not conditioned as I rarely run, the pain and struggle to make it just 5k, was nothing compared to what everyone who has been stricken with breast cancer or any other disease has been through. It was incredible to witness so many cheering in support of the runners, so many kids participating in the run and as volunteers, and so many organizations willing to donate to help find a cure. I am 31 and blessed with a healthy body and mind. I try to remember this constantly, as you just never know. Health is not something to take for granted. Cancer sucks. There is no other way to put it. One day, I pray in my lifetime, we have a cure. Until then, we must be proactive, monitor our bodies, and cherish every moment we are given. Life is precious, a healthy life is invaluable, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Little and I – my pacer for the race and running superstar

Kind of like this pink BOSU – may make exercises on it a little more fun

Incredible sight of thousands of runners, right by Nationwide!
Facts found on the Columbus Dispatch website

The 2013 Komen Race for the Cure raised $2 million for local breast-cancer programs and national research.
40,000 runners and walkers
2,000 breast-cancer survivors
8,453 members in largest team, Team LimitedBrands
1,000 corporate, civic and individual teams
1,200 volunteers
Source: Komen Race for the Cure


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