45 Degree Bicep Curls

Feel like your arms have hit a plateau?  Sometimes you need to simply modify a familiar movement to keep growing.  With 45 degree Bicep Curls, turning your arms out slightly to the side as you curl up hits the bicep in a slightly different way than traditional bicep curls and can lead to gains!  Give this new move a try during your next arm workout…


45 Degree Bicep Curls

Start the 45 degree Bicep Curls by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your core engaged.  Hold a dumbbell in each hand with the sides of the dumbbells about 1 inch from your hips.  

45 Degree Bicep Curls 2

Curl the dumbbells up using your biceps as the primary mover though a side ways motion at a 45 degree angle.  Lower the weight back down to your sides to return to the starting position. 

45 Degree Bicep Curls are performed by Team FITBODY’s Jennifer Jacobs

Model:  Jennifer Jacobs

Photographer:  Rick Lohre Photography

Makeup:  Glossa Professional Makeup Artistry


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