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Owl Be Sweatin’™  “We stay up all night so you can sweat all day! ™”

Owl Be Sweatin’™ “We stay up all night so you can sweat all day! ™”

I wanted to write a quick review about a product I recently had the opportunity to try out.

Nearly every woman who has any amount of hair can appreciate the benefit of headbands while working out…whether it’s in the gym, going for a run, circuit training, yoga or CrossFit.  Active women often wear headbands, hats or a ponytail to combat this.  While I’m all about a ponytail, there’s always some portion of my hair that makes it’s way into my eyes during a workout.  Up to this point, I’ve not liked hats or headbands for one reason…They give me a headache.  Either they’re made too tight for my head or I need to adjust the hat so that it’s tight enough not to fall off.

Enter Owl Be Sweatin…While they may look like a standard athletic headband, these headbands have a feature that makes them WORLDS different for me…an adjustable strap!  This little change in the design makes these bands a great solution for my (and likely a lot of women’s) #1 problem – being too tight.

They come in a varied set of designs and a couple of different widths.  Mallory and sister in law KC have a shop set up here and will also be featured on FOX 19 here in Cincinnati this morning (8:45am I believe).  Give them a try!  You’ll be glad you did.  🙂


Owl Be Sweatin’  Headbands

Owl Be Sweatin’ Headbands

Here’s their press release that recently went out:

Owl Be Sweatin’

Cincinnati, OH (March 21, 2013) – Owl Be Sweatin’ Headband Brand, locally-owned small business, recently launched an innovative athletic headband for girls and women of all ages and is now becoming the #1 headband solution in the area.  Unlike traditional athletic headbands, Owl Be Sweatin’ headbands adjust to any head size due to the revolutionary adjustable strap.  This adjustable feature allows you to loosen your headware to your liking and avoid the start of that dreadful headband headache.  The product is also non-slip so it will stay in place during any activity.  And most importantly, the headbands are stylish and chic which is what females want!  In fact, due to popular demand, Owl Be Sweatin’ added 200% new styles to their collection, which now includes over 60 patterns!

This product was developed by sister-in-laws K.C. and Mallory DeBra, both Cincinnati natives and natural-born athletes who saw the need for a functional headband.  After years of investing in many useless headbands they decided to make their own and wear them when playing in their sand volleyball league.  When other women started to approach them and ask them where they bought their headbands, they knew they had something.  The company, Hoot and Holler Partnership, was formed in 2012 and has helped hundreds of women in the tri-state area literally “catch their sweat!”

Owl Be Sweatin’ has joined forces with non-profit organization Girls on the Run (GOTR) and for the entire month of April will be donating $1 to the charity for every headband they sell.  Owl Be Sweatin’ has two official patterns for the GOTR promotion, the 1.5” swivel circle pattern (style # 039) and the 1” pink and white chevron pattern (style #035). GOTR offers after-school programs for 3rd-8th graders for a 10-12 week period which is designed to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.  Running is incorporated throughout the curriculum, and all GOTR girls and families come together to participate in the GOTR 5K race on May 11th which is open to the public as well.

GOTR Program Coordinator Mary Gaertner commented, “I love the fun designs of the Owl Be Sweatin’ headbands and think it is such a natural fit for our girls and coaches to want to purchase to help them get to the finish line!”

Owl Be Sweatin’These headbands make great gifts and are perfect for working out, running, playing sports or even just wearing out and about.

“Our headbands aren’t just headbands to us,” said K. DeBra. “It’s something our customers will use every time they are active, which means maintaining a healthy balance in life and we want them to enjoy them!”

Added M. DeBra, “Our customers are the reason we design our headbands and we are thrilled to provide them with headband solutions that K.C. and I have been seeking for years!”

Owl Be Sweatin’ has been featuring their headbands at various craft shows throughout the tri-state. You can also find them on Facebook by searching Owl Be Sweatin’ or on their Etsy Shop at

And women are talking, “I’m obsessed with my Owl Be Sweatin headbands”, says committed customer Beth Casella. “They’re great for working out and cute enough to wear out when I run errands. They don’t slip off like all my other headbands, which make them way more comfortable and practical to wear!”

About Owl Be Sweatin’™

Owl Be Sweatin’ is a Cincinnati-based company that designs, produces and distributes athletic, non-slip, adjustable headbands for girls and women.  To date, they have over 60 patterns in their collection.  For further information on their product, visit Owl Be Sweatin’ on Facebook or

“We stay up all night so you can sweat all day!


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