Almond Joy Protein Cheesecakes

Something sweet and good for you? It is possible. Check out these amazing almond joy protein cheesecakes using Team FITBODY’s favorite protein – Ultimate Muscle Protein! Ingredients: FILLING 2 cups lowfat cottage cheese, whipped 1 pkg SF Vanilla pudding mix 2 scoops chocolate UMP 4 TB unsweetened coconut 3/4 cup water 1 tsp almond extract […]

Instructional DVD Guide to Bikini Posing and Shows

An expert’s take on Julie Lohre’s Ultimate Posing and Contest Day Guide for Bikini… By: Terry Goodlad World renowned Fitness Photographer, Writer and Fitness Industry Expert.   Julie Lohre’s Ultimate Posing and Contest Day Guide For Bikini is the most comprehensive instructional DVD I have seen to date for any woman interested in competing in NPC […]

Almond Joy Bake

So much better than a candy bar – this almondy protein recipe really hits the sweet spot!  

Bikini Posing DVD

The Bikini division is an exciting and fun division where women have the freedom to show off their incredible physiques with personality and flair.  This division is ideal for the woman who would like to compete but have trouble gaining – or chooses not to gain – the amount of muscle development needed to be […]

Berry Protein Smoothie

 A Delicious Alternative to Dessert Drinks using Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein.

2013 Kentucky Derby Show – Photo Coverage

This year’s Kentucky Derby NPC show held in conjunction with Kentucky Derby Festival in Louisville turned out great competitors and a massive crowd! Congratulations to all the FITBODY Contest Prep team and all the competitors that made this National Qualifier show an enormous success. Feel free to repost the photos, but they must retain the copyright. […]

Adjustable headbands – Owl Be Sweatin’

I wanted to write a quick review about a product I recently had the opportunity to try out. Nearly every woman who has any amount of hair can appreciate the benefit of headbands while working out…whether it’s in the gym, going for a run, circuit training, yoga or CrossFit.  Active women often wear headbands, hats […]

Self-Myofascial Release with Foam Rollers

I never thought that purchasing a large piece of foam and rolling around on it would be so beneficial to my training and recovery. I am sure that sounds odd, but myofasical release, more commonly known as foam rolling, is an excellent way to assist with recovery and aid in injury prevention. Before getting into […]

Keep it Simple

Hyla Conrad – NPC National Figure Competitor Eat this, don’t eat this. Eat this food at this time, don’t eat carbs at night, eat protein at breakfast, lift heavy, lift light, tone your body, build muscle, do steady state cardio, do HIIT. This list of do’s and don’t’s can go on and on. Aren’t you sick […]

Beautiful Ingredients

Article – Jonelle Baglia I was talking to a coworker the other day and she told me that her 7-year-old daughter didn’t want to wear a particular coat to school because it “made her look fat.” What is society doing to our children to make them think they should be worried about their physical appearance […]