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Explain to your children that their reflection in the mirror is not where their true beauty lies

Article – Jonelle Baglia

I was talking to a coworker the other day and she told me that her 7-year-old daughter didn’t want to wear a particular coat to school because it “made her look fat.” What is society doing to our children to make them think they should be worried about their physical appearance at such a young age? Better question, how are we as parents contributing to our children’s insecurities? Obviously, we cannot shelter our young and impressionable children from negative comments they hear outside the home, but we can ensure what they hear at home promotes positive feelings about their body image and our own body images as well. A young girl that constantly hears Mommy telling herself she needs to lose weight or making negative remarks every time she looks in the mirror is more likely to develop the same ill feelings toward her own body. How can our sons and daughters learn to accept and love themselves when they see and hear their parents’ constant self-criticism? Everyone has negative self-thoughts from time to time, but be cautious when little ones are within an earshot of these vocalized degradations.

Even the youngest of people like to receive compliments directed toward their outward beauty and as parents we enjoy telling our kids how beautiful, cute, or handsome they are.  But to instill what is more important, make it a point to compliment your child’s inner beauty more often than their physical appearance. All children have endless amazing qualities that are more deserving of attention than the superficial characteristics. Tell them how smart they are, or how considerate they are of others, or perhaps how proud you are of their respectful manners.  Also take the opportunity to express the importance of their health when they mistake outward appearance as a condition of acceptance. Recently, my 7-year-old daughter told me, “I like that you are skinny, Mommy.” My response to her was, “Thank you honey, but I like it more that I am healthy,” with a wink and a smile. Simple statements can help remove the emphasis on the importance of body size and refocus on internal goodness.

Explain to your children that their reflection in the mirror is not where their true beauty lies; it is in the reflection they cast onto other people. It’s the love, respect, and kindness towards themselves and others that shows the most beauty in this world. It comes from within. Just like a delicious, healthy meal – it’s the ingredients that make it good, not what it looks like!


Jonelle Baglia NPC Figure Champion

Jonelle is indeed a Fit Mom, inspired by her children to set a healthy and positive example.  Not only is she a smart & busy woman – she has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, is a certified personal trainer AND works ful time for the United States Air Force, she is an accomplished Figure Competitor, winning shows in 4 different countries.  Through clean eating and her commitment to her training, Jonelle has been able to stay fit through her pregnancies and come out even stronger after each one.  Here at family always comes first and we love how Jonelle promotes good health through nutritious meals and fun activity!


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