New Classified Ad Site for Used Competition Suits has been born for one primary reason: High Quality Used Competition Suits are Expensive!! You work hard, train hard and eat clean to get ready for your show! Goodness knows there are a lot of expenses that go along with stepping on the competitive Figure, Fitness or Bikini stage! At, our goal is […]

Live FIT – FITBODY Tanks & Hoodies

My new Tank Tops & Hoodies are in! Perfect for working out… light weight and super comfortable!  Check them out at                            

Eye Makeup for Blondes

Being blonde with green eyes, I fell in love with this look!  Not too much, not to little, this makeup brings out green eyes in a beautiful, natural way.  Now if I could just get better at doing this look on myself : )  

Reebok Real Flex Solid for Training

I have been looking high and low for a great pair of shoes that are relatively light but that are also supportive.  My workouts consist of a wide array of activities – traditional lifting, crossfit wods, hard core plyometric and body weight exercises, cardio that includes sprinting, to name a few.  Well, yoga too, but […]

Puffy under eyes? De-puff today!

PUFFY UNDER EYES? DE-PUFF TODAY! Everyone can get caught up in 10000 eye creams that claim to “depuff”, firm, tighten and all sorts of fun parlor tricks. Do they work? Maybe but if you want results fast…here are some time, told makeup artist tricks. 1. Tea bags – Caffeine has been know as a natural […]

Makeup For Green Eyes

Bringing out your eyes can really make a difference!  Love this palate and how it brings out green eyes!



Adjustable headbands – Owl Be Sweatin’

I wanted to write a quick review about a product I recently had the opportunity to try out. Nearly every woman who has any amount of hair can appreciate the benefit of headbands while working out…whether it’s in the gym, going for a run, circuit training, yoga or CrossFit.  Active women often wear headbands, hats […]

Nail time and so much more

I’m not a girly girl. I can count on one hand how many pedicures I have endured and perhaps I’ve gotten a few more manicures. I’m fairly simple when it comes to those type of things. However, come competition season, I turn into a little beauty rock st…

Eye Makeup Diagram…

Really like this diagram. It’s very similar to the way I do makeup! glossa: The light tan is the “highlight color.  You can use a shimmer or sheen eyeshadow for this. The light color is the lid color, the darker grey is the crease color and the Black color is the accent color. Notice in this diagram […]