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You know that a strong core is sexy and provides stability for your whole body. But did you know that when your abs are solid, you have better posture with less pressure on your joints and a reduced risk of lower back injury? Check out my latest article just publish in the Active Life Guide! Photographer:  […]

Bridal Cover Model – Kiki Elrod!

Congratulations Online Personal Training client Kiki Elrod!  Kiki is featured as the Cover Model for this months Las Vegas Bride Magazine! Here is what Kiki says… “Though the wedding was a year ago, my photographer just let me know today that a photo from the wedding has been selected for the cover of a bridal […]

Winning at Masters Figure

“Fitness defined me as a person – it is what I do and I love every minute of it! ”  – NPC Figure Competitor & Fitbody Featured athlete, Melissa Jackson Personal Information: I am 45 years old and have been happily married to my husband and very best friend going on 12 years. I work […]

Sarah Gisi featured in Active Life Guide magazine

Congratulations to Featured Fitbody – Sarah Gisi – for her feature in Active Life Guide magazine! We’re so proud of you and your accomplishments! SEE THE FULL ARTICLE HERE                               

FITBODYs in the News! Sarah Gisi

OPTIMAL FITNESS FUELS DETECTIVE SARAH GISI’S FIGURE PASSION AND PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS (Indianapolis, IN ) – After turning 21, Sarah Gisi applied to a police force in southern Indiana expecting to easily pass the fitness test required of all applicants. “I looked over the physical agility test requirements and thought this would be so easy,” she says. […]

Mother of 5 loses 70 lbs & competes in BIKINI 5 months post partum!

Emily Albert is indeed a special mom!  This mother of 5 went from childbirth to the Bikini Stage in 5 months with a whole lot of hard work, disciple and sisterly support (she thanks sister Kyla Johnson for taking this journey with her)!  She is our FITBODY Feature and TRULY a FITBODY inspiration!!!! Here is […]

For the first time I’m truly happy of who I am!

Meet Gloria Switzer – She is a FITBODY Inspiration! “My family motivates me.  I’m lucky that my husband and daughter are so supportive.  For the first time in my life I’m truly happy of who I am and where I am.” I’m 42 years old and currently work for the family business, Switzer Performance in Oberlin […]

40 lb Transformation no gym needed!

From out of shape at 44 to crazy fit WITHOUT stepping foot in the gym!  Mindy Vitale shows that with patience, persistence and hard work  you can get the tight, FITBODY you have always dreamed of…. AND you can maintain it forever! March 10, 2012~ One year ago today I wrote to Julie Lohre and […]

Reaching for the Top

Rising NPC Figure and Fitness Champion Hyla Conrad is proving to be unstoppable in 2012! I am 29 years old with a degree in Exercise Science, married to my wonderful husband Jimmy, and have a high energy Border Collie named Max. I love to go hiking with Max and my husband. I also love to […]