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FITBODY Fit-Mom Alena Wadsworth

As the mother of 4, Alena Wadsworth knows that she has to stay in great shape both for herself and for her family!  It takes a ton of energy to keep up with 4 children AND to take care of all her daily responsibilities!  Alena is such a wonderful example to other women but most importantly to her kids!  Congrats to Alena – our Featured FITBODY MOM!

Alena Wadsworth
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Alena Wadsworth Alena Wadsworth
Personal Information:
Alena-Wadsworth-ProfileI am a 32 year old mother of 4 from Cincinnati, OH and am blessed to me able to stay home with them. Prior to children I was working as a H/R Manager. I have always had a passion for exercise/fitness, and nutrition (my favorite being weight training) especially after having children and realizing what it took to get back into shape. It was then that I changed my views on food and realized the dedication and commitment it took. Luckily I grew up living an active lifestyle from snow skiing to gymnastics so having that instilled at such a young age helped.

What are your greatest fitness accomplishments so far?
My greatest fitness accomplishments so far have been my recent wins and placements with my figure competitions. I did my first in June in the VA Beach Grand Prix and won first in my division. I won first in my division in my second competition at the Tricky Jackson in Lex. KY. My third competition was in the KY Muscle and I was very happy to place 4th in my division.

Transformation info:
In the last 3 months after starting to work with Julie and her guidance for the diet and exercise I was able to lose over 10 lbs. and I lost over 5% body fat.

What do you enjoy most about fitness?
What I like most about fitness is the end result. I feel revived after every workout and with 4 young children that revival is much needed! When I am in the gym I get into my zone with no distractions and that’s when I get my best workouts in!

What are your fitness goals?
I’d love to continue to compete and work on improving my overall physique. Would becoming an IFBB Pro be too much to ask?

What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle? I am motivated mostly by my children. I NEED to have the energy to keep up with them and knowing that I must lead by example plays a big part. They want to eat my foods and exercise like me.

Favorite ‘diet’ food:
I love my turkey zucchini burgers: 4 oz. extra lean turkey breast w/ about 3/4cup of shredded zucchini. You can add any spices but I like Oregano, garlic powder and dry mustard.I broil for 7 mins. On each side and top with my favorite tzatziki yogurt dip. I also love my UMP pudding.

Working with Julie
Julie is such a sweet person. You can take one look at her and see that she has that aura to her that just radiates. She genuinely cares and loves what she does! This isn’t a job for her. It’s a passion.


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