Food prepping like the best of em’ – Total prep time – 2 hours!!!

Food for the day (not pictured – veggies)

Sunday’s are typically great days for me to cook and I love it when food prep days fall on it! So this morning I attacked a “fun” tabata filled workout, provided by Julie Lohre and then proceeded to cook for the next few days.

Well, can’t quite tell what all this is pictured? Let me explain my food display to you. This took less then 2 hours to prepare. I made 4 servings of everything – Monday thru Thursday meals and will cook again on Thursday night. My veggies are not pictured as I make them daily. I would prep them for the week, however, I end up eating them all on Monday. Yes, it is true. So, I have to make them day-by-day. This week I have lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes to make up some salads, celery, frozen green beans for my evening snacks, and some zucchini to saute up.

I’m back from vacation and while none of this is too fancy, I did change up a few things. I found a few uses for Greek yogurt. I am going to enjoy my boxes of Quest bars and cute peanut butter cups this week also. So I will start at the top.

Meal 1 – French Toast which was made from Ezekial bread, egg whites, unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla and topped with three big strawberries. (230 calories)

Meal 2 – “Granola” cup which was made with a cup of plain Greek yogurt, half a cup of Kashi Go Lean cereal, 1/4 cup blueberries, and drizzled with Walden Farms Carmel sauce (210 calories)

Meal 3 – Peanut Butter (I’ll most likely dip some celery in this) (250 calories)

Meal 4 – Quest Bar (190 calories)

Meal 5 – Mexican Ground Turkey which was made from 1/4 pound ground turkey, taco seasoning, and onions, and topped with some peach spicy salsa. This goes great on lettuce. (150 calories)

Meal 6 – Carmel delight – 1 cup of Greek yogurt with Walden Farms Carmel sauce (100 calories)

Meal 7 – Hamburger – Low carb wrap, 1/4 pound Laura’s Lean Beef patty, and a few pepper slices (250 calories)

1380 calories prepared and ready for each day, plus my veggies – which will be several hundred calories. I also have not pictured my UMP pudding (1 or 2 scoops depending on my workout) which I consume prior to every morning weight lifting workout. I will see how I respond to this meal plan. It incorporates most of the principles I learned during contest prep, a few new ideas, and some of my favorite foods.

This doesn’t include my life balance – a beer out when I choose, quick stop for frozen yogurt etc. I enjoy feeling good on healthy food, BUT am also happy to say I have a healthy outlook and when I feel like something not pictured or not clean, I enjoy it. No regrets and no guilt. Life.

What I have learned – having food prepped not only makes it so much easier to make healthy choices, but it just makes life so much easier. I never am in a rush to cook something in the morning before work, I never run late to meetings because of lunch, I never get irritable during the day because of hunger, my energy levels stay fairly consistent based on my meals, and I save a lot of money not grabbing food out and about. Quest Bars are my go to when out and about – and yes, they are not perfect and they cost $2 a piece, but they are so much better then grabbing something at a gas station or spending $10 for a piece of grilled chicken out. Food prep makes it easy. I like being able to control what I am consuming and I like experimenting with new simple changes to meals!

Fueling my body with the best because I deserve it!


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