Instructional DVD Guide to Bikini Posing and Shows

Terry Goodlad - Fitness Photographer and Fitness Industry Expert

An expert’s take on Julie Lohre’s Ultimate Posing and Contest Day Guide for Bikini

By: Terry Goodlad
World renowned Fitness Photographer, Writer and Fitness Industry Expert.  

Julie Lohre’s Ultimate Posing and Contest Day Guide For Bikini is the most comprehensive instructional DVD I have seen to date for any woman interested in competing in NPC Bikini for the first time, or even for veteran NPC or IFBB competitors that are motivated to improve their stage presentation.

Bikini Competition DVD - Julie Lohre

The DVD starts off by simply explaining and illustrating the most confusing part for new competitors, the difference between the 4 NPC and IFBB competitive divisions, Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini. Using actual contest video, photographs, and live athletes to demonstrate what she is teaching, Julie goes into great detail yet clearly explains while athletes demonstrate all of the poses and elements you need to know to look like an expert on stage.

Julie does an expert job of explaining and presenting all of the major elements as well as minute details you are only going to get from a seasoned Industry Icon that has been there. Using this DVD as an instructional tool during your contest preparation will help you feel more confident entering a contest and getting on stage for the first time, or re-inventing your presentation if you are a veteran hoping to improve your presentation and final placing.

I highly recommend this DVD and congratulate Julie and Rick on producing a very high quality DVD and exceptional training tool.


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