Keep it Simple

Keep It Simple - Make Progress

Hyla Conrad – NPC National Figure Competitor

Eat this, don’t eat this. Eat this food at this time, don’t eat carbs at night, eat protein at breakfast, lift heavy, lift light, tone your body, build muscle, do steady state cardio, do HIIT.

This list of do’s and don’t’s can go on and on. Aren’t you sick of it? I know I am. Why are we making this FITBODY life more complicated than it is? You know, when you do things you love, love finds you. I believe those words to be true. I have found things I love, and I have tried lots of ways to become fit, some I love, some I don’t. So I choose the ones I love, and I give it my all.

The point is, keep it simple. If you have a trainer, do what they tell you to do. They have it all lined out for you, and if you aren’t seeing results (after a couple months), you probably aren’t doing what they tell you to do. If they tell you to measure your food, don’t guess your portions. If they tell you to lift heavy, lift heavy. If you have to ask what is classified as heavy-you aren’t lifting heavy enough. Pink weights (unless you are told to use them or in rehabilitation from an injury) are not heavy. And if you have been using the same weight for weeks, that’s not heavy. Cardio is always tough, but I have found that if you can talk to your friends casually during your 1minute rest between plyos, you aren’t going hard enough.

Stop thinking so much, stop making up rules, and break through that viscous cycle of “toning” the body, low calorie diets, weighing yourself everyday, and crazy rules! Be patient, change takes time, hard work, and commitment.  Find a plan that you love and enjoy and stick to it! Make sure the plan is long term, because we all know we can’t live off some crazy plan like eating nothing but green beans and protein smoothies for the rest of our life.

It’s time people, to break through the do’s and don’t’s. Eat fruit, eat complex carbs, eat lean proteins throughout the day, avoid simple sugars, eat healthy fats, lift heavy, and find a cardio you love. Find a life that you love. If you love yoga, do it. If you love sprints, do them. If you hate sprints or yoga, then don’t do it! Stop trying to become someone you aren’t, just to achieve a certain body. Like I said, do what you love, and love will find you. If you love your foods, and love your training, your body and mind will love you back. I promise.

Keep it simple - Make progress with your health and fitness

Keep it simple – Make progress with your health and fitness

Keep it simple - Make progress with your health and fitness

Keep it simple – Make progress with your health and fitness


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