Paddle Boarding

Off to Paddle Board in the canals of Ft. Myers.

I enjoy the outdoors, spending time on the water, and fitness. This is where paddle boarding comes in – such a great balance of all three.

I tried it out on the canals of Ft. Myers. The waters were calm (as long as I stayed away from the boats), the board very stable and strong so I didn’t fall in, and the peace and quiet on the water indescribable.

I originally wanted to stay close to land, but once I got comfortable directing the board around, I was off. My sister led the way through the canals. We stopped to look at wild life aka birds and were hoping to see some dolphins or manatees, but no such luck.

I was amazed how easy it was to keep my balance, but surprised how tricky it was to steer the board against the current. I also felt like I was moving so slow, but we made some good distance, so apparently it wasn’t too slow.

I think some of my favorite parts of the excursion were spending time out on the water with my sister trying a new activity and capturing some breathtaking views of architecture and nature from the water. It is different then being on a boat. It’s quiet and you are completely on your own.

Another enjoyable and new experience, one that I will definitely try again!


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