Live FIT – FITBODY Tanks & Hoodies

My new Tank Tops & Hoodies are in! Perfect for working out… light weight and super comfortable!  Check them out at                            

Determination + Focus = Results

Few women have the focus and drive of Elspeth Polt.  Check out more about her and how this petite beauty has made fitness a priority in here life in our FITBODY Feature! Elspeth Polt Personal Information: I am a USMC spouse with a love for staying busy! I have lived coast to coast and I […]

Energy to be a great mom!

As the mother of 4, Alena Wadsworth knows that she has to stay in great shape both for herself and for her family!  It takes a ton of energy to keep up with 4 children AND to take care of all her daily responsibilities!  Alena is such a wonderful example to other women but most […]

What supplements do I take?

I get questions all the time about what supplements are best and what I personally take year round.  Let me start by saying that what I take might not be what you need.  Your supplements should support your goals and work in harmony with your nutrition and exercise plans.  My current goals are to stay […]

Bikini Posing DVD

The Bikini division is an exciting and fun division where women have the freedom to show off their incredible physiques with personality and flair.  This division is ideal for the woman who would like to compete but have trouble gaining – or chooses not to gain – the amount of muscle development needed to be […]

New Glutes Moves – Part 2

Feel like your stuck doing the same old glute and leg training week after week?  Here are my next 4 of my favorite ‘lift your glutes’ moves that you may have never seen before.  Add these moves into your current workout schedule twice a week and you will literally be able to see your assets […]

2013 Kentucky Derby Show – Photo Coverage

This year’s Kentucky Derby NPC show held in conjunction with Kentucky Derby Festival in Louisville turned out great competitors and a massive crowd! Congratulations to all the FITBODY Contest Prep team and all the competitors that made this National Qualifier show an enormous success. Feel free to repost the photos, but they must retain the copyright. […]

Adjustable headbands – Owl Be Sweatin’

I wanted to write a quick review about a product I recently had the opportunity to try out. Nearly every woman who has any amount of hair can appreciate the benefit of headbands while working out…whether it’s in the gym, going for a run, circuit training, yoga or CrossFit.  Active women often wear headbands, hats […]

No Processed Food Challenge!

I have personally started a challenge today, which I am very excited about.  The toughest part of this challenge will be to cut out the processed foods.  Now mind you, I eat pretty good in general, but as of today, I am cutting out anything I would consider negatively processed – including artificial sweeteners.  I […]

Keep it Simple

Hyla Conrad – NPC National Figure Competitor Eat this, don’t eat this. Eat this food at this time, don’t eat carbs at night, eat protein at breakfast, lift heavy, lift light, tone your body, build muscle, do steady state cardio, do HIIT. This list of do’s and don’t’s can go on and on. Aren’t you sick […]