The night before…

I sit here at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort absolutely amazed at the year it has been. I am here for the Kentucky State Bodybuilding Show, as I will be competing in female body building – kidding – I will be stepping on stage in the Figure B category. If you are watching the show, it’s the heard that takes stage and does quarter turns. I have a huge class. I guess being 5’3” and competing is the cool thing to do!

I have been stunned at my experience so far – in a good way. On my drive here I was part of the record books. How you may ask yourself Well, I drove through the worlds largest yard sale. Yep, I took the “shortest” route from Columbus to Frankfort and that route included 127. Apparently 127 hosts the worlds largest yard sale every year and I drove through it – 42 miles of yard sales. Yes, it is truly a site to see.

Then I arrived at the hotel about 2 hours early. I was going to see what Frankfort had to offer, but thought I might as well see if my room is ready so I can check in and unpack. And it was! The ladies at the desk were so helpful and friendly. Above and beyond my scale of customer service and it started my weekend off right. I am definitely going to leave a comment card and contact the manager. It is rare to find such good people these days in customer service positions.

So, I unpacked and relaxed in the room. It’s nice, nothing fancy. Nora, one of my fellow Fit Body teammates came over and we had some nice chats. We get one another – food habits, struggles, life…it’s great!

Then we got tanned. Yep, I am back to my dark self. I’ll post show pics when they are available. Great experience with Liquid Sun Rayz as always.

And then it was waiting time until check in. We ventured down and met some ladies. Some new ones, others who had been to Julie Lohre’s posing clinics or are part of the Team. It’s a great feeling. When I started competing I was worried the women would be cut throat and caddy. Not the case at all – they all inspire and motivate me to be better, push harder, strive to be the best I can be.

I checked in and am #84! Woot! Biggest class but that is normal.

It has been less then a year since I started my figure journey. It’s been 9 months. It seems so long yet so short at the same time. If I didn’t have tan on my face I just may cry over how unreal this has been. It’s a journey of a lifetime. It’s made me appreciate so much! I am truly lucky and blessed to have this opportunity, to have a body that will let me beat it up and nourish it and deplete it and mess with it to get me here, and I am so lucky to be in a position that allows me to compete.

I am absolutely excited and optimistic to take the stage tomorrow. I am in the best shape of my life and am confident in saying that. I am proud of how I look, what I did to get here, and what I will do in the future. Life is about experiences and memories, not possessions and superficial things. Some people waste their life worrying about petty things and what others think. Tomorrow on stage, yes I will worry about what the judges think, but I am much more focused on what I think. And that is – LIFE IS AMAZING and I’m going to get everything out of if I can.


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