New Glutes Moves – Part 1!

New Glute Moves Julie Lohre 1
Feel like your stuck doing the same old glute and leg training week after week?  Below are 4 of my favorite ‘lift your glutes’ moves that you may have never seen before.  Add these moves into your current workout schedule twice a week and you will literally be able to see your assets tightening!

Photographer:  Rick Lohre
Model and Routine:  Julie Lohre
Makeup Artist:  Lyndsey Yeager, Glossa Professional Makeup Artistry
Note – these are advanced moves! Be sure to use appropriate weight and listen to your body.

1.  Barbell Curtsey Squat

Barbell Curtsey Julie Lohre Barbell Curtsey Julie Lohre









2.  Chop Squat Lunge Press







3.  Single Straight Leg Squat











4.  Frog Jumps



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