‘Tis the Season to be……Stressed?!

Holiday_StressThis time of year, many of our experiences are similar: holiday parties, gifts of giving, filling our homes with joys of decoration and baking, building stronger relationships and creating new ones, and making memories. By the time the holidays come and go, we should feel excited and ready to start the New Year strong. Really? Then why do we exhale when the season is over silently thinking to ourselves, “Finally!” It’s because no matter how wonderful our experience are, there are just way too many jammed into a one month period. Isn’t Santa supposed to carry the big load? If only that included our stress load too.

 Here are my top 5 suggestions to minimize the holiday stress that is inevitable:

  •  Remember there is always tomorrow and not everything is urgent

As women, we like to get things done and, lets face it, its best when we do it ourselves! This puts a lot of burden on us this time of year. Try to keep in mind that some things can wait, even if that means leaving the house a mess until you get home from the holiday party. No one is going to see the house while you’re out so just let it be and enjoy yourself!

  •  Accept that everything does not have to be “perfect”

Which wrapping paper? Which wreath? Which party dish? Which dress? Which gift? As if we don’t have enough on our agendas, we want it all to be perfect too and will go to great lengths to make that happen. But if the wrapping paper under the tree does not completely coordinate or the store doesn’t have the dress you want in your size, don’t sweat it too much. Leave the sweating for the gym!

  • Don’t feel guilty for saying “no”

It is just not feasible to say yes to every favor asked or volunteer opportunity or even friendly get-togethers we are invited to.  Especially this time of year, sometimes we just have to kindly decline. As long as you are cordial and honest with your response, most people will understand. Don’t try to make up excuses or lie about why you can’t meet for dinner. A respectful, honest answer will be much more acceptable and eliminate a future burden of having to recall little white lies and likely hurt someone’s feelings.

  • Ask for help

As stated earlier, as women we like doing many things ourselves so we know our tasks get accomplished they way we want. But remember tip number 2 above? “Accept that everything does not have to be “perfect.” This might have to come in to play here. So your husband may not clean the house as you would before your gathering, but ask him for help anyway, let him do it, and appreciate his efforts.  That allows you to focus on more important details so you can relax and enjoy the party with everyone else. There’s always tomorrow to clean again!

  • Organize yourself with lists to keep your thoughts straight

Being human we are bound to forget so make lists to help you remember things like who you need to shop for, groceries for your holiday recipes, dates and time of your commitments and what you need to bring. There are many great, free apps out there for Smart phones to keep you organized.

Stress is not just a mental burden, it can also wreck havoc on your body physically if not recognized and positively dealt with. If you feel overly stressed and unable to cope with it, seek advice from a professional. We don’t have the answers to all problems, nor are we expected to. There are many great resources to reach out to, not just during the holidays but throughout the year. Let’s move into the New Year with a positive mindset and a promise to ourselves to make our well-being a top priority.  May the New Year find you healthy and well!


Jonelle Baglia NPC Figure Champion

Jonelle is indeed a Fit Mom, inspired by her children to set a healthy and positive example.  Not only is she a smart & busy woman – she has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, is a certified personal trainer AND works ful time for the United States Air Force, she is an accomplished Figure Competitor, winning shows in 4 different countries.  Through clean eating and her commitment to her training, Jonelle has been able to stay fit through her pregnancies and come out even stronger after each one.  Here at TeamFITBODY.com family always comes first and we love how Jonelle promotes good health through nutritious meals and fun activity!


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