What supplements do I take?

I get questions all the time about what supplements are best and what I personally take year round.  Let me start by saying that what I take might not be what you need.  Your supplements should support your goals and work in harmony with your nutrition and exercise plans.  My current goals are to stay lean and tight, maintain my current lean mass and increase my endurance/exercise capacity.  My workouts are incredibly tough right now and I am training 5 times per week with 2 yoga sessions.

So, the supplements that I take every day…

Beverly International Fit Tabs1.  Fit Tabs   This is my favorite multi-vitamin.  All of the vitamins and minerals an active woman needs.  I notice a big difference in my skin and nails when I am consistent with taking Fit Tabs.

(2 in the am and 2 in the pm)



 Beverly-International-Lean-Ou 2.  Lean Out – This is my go to, stay lean supplement.  With a mix of L-Carnitine and Chromium along with other fat fighting ingredients, Lean Out helps regulate my blood sugar and helps me avoid those spikes and dips that lead to cravings. (2 capsules, 4 times per day)



Beverly-International-Glutamine-Select3.  Glutamine Select – With how hard I train, I rely on Glutamine to help keep me pain free.  The perfect mix of amino acids in Glutamine Select aid in recovery and keep my body from burning my hard earned muscle.  (1-2 scoops with my training.  2-3 scoops on days that training is really tough or when I have an injury)


 Beverly-International-Ultra-404.  Ultra 40 – Dessicated liver tablets might not sound sexy, but in my experience, I feel tighter and leaner when taking them.  This is the highest quality protein out there in a form that can readily be utilized by my body.  (3 tablets, 4 times per day)



 Sam-e5.  Sam-e – I have found that this is a great supplement to help with joint healthy, mood and to help with PMS symptoms. 




Beverly-International_Ultimate_Muscle_ProteinOh, and of course Ultimate Muscle Protein, although I don’t count that as a supplement really.  It is just part of my diet or my grocery list.  UMP waffles, pancakes and shakes keep me from wanting sugary sweets.  Bottom line… I LOVE my UMP!!!




What I do not take…

A thermogenic – 7 Keto is a great thermogenic and appetiete suppressant, but my goals are not to lose a lot of weight right now.  I love where my bodyfat is and I just want to stay tight and lean.  I also do not take fish oils.  I think they are great and I probably should take them, but I am getting a good amount of healthy fats in with my diet so that is one that I skip.

Bottom line, when you are deciding what supplements to take, do not assume that more is better.  You want to be sure that your body is getting what it needs, but don’t be tempted to take everything possible.  I also rotate my supplements because over time your body does tend to get used to things.  Have questions about what supplements might be best for your specific goals, check out the Supplement Profiling Chart HERE.


Julie is an accomplished IFBB Fitness Professional.  As one of the world’s most successful Fitness Competitors, she has been featured in numerous fitness magazines worldwide.  She is a leading expert in women’s health and fitess and regularly acts as a correspondent and writer.  Julie’s passion is helping REAL WOMEN GET REAL RESULTS that last a life time.  She is a wife, mom and business owner who works hard every day to find balance.  Check out our services and training at JulieLohre.com  Here at TeamFITBODY.com, Julie writes, oversees direction and keeps things fresh and exciting!












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