Wine, workouts, and no regrets.

I just got home after an incredibly relaxing vacation to Ft. Myers beach. This is one of the first vacations I have taken and not been training for a show. I’m just in life!

So naturally, I woke up and got my workouts in. I even ran with my sister one day. The LA Fitness in Bonita Springs is like a playground – it’s huge, new equipment, so many choices, and was never busy. I took full advantage of it and my abs are still thanking me.

I also enjoyed laying on the beach, headphones in just listening to Jason Aldean or Kenny Chesney and soaking in a little bit of sun.

I tried paddle boarding for the first time, which proved to be an interesting experience. I feared standing on the board and not falling in the water would be the issue, but it actually was steering that proved the most challenging. It was a good shoulder workout and so peaceful being on the water near mangroves and in the canals. Beautiful!

I also took full advantage of some delicious meals, several glasses of wine and mixed drinks of rum and diet coke, perhaps a beer or two, and some incredible salads. Do I look any different? No. Do I feel bad for enjoying life a bit. Hell no.

I keep hearing the buzz word balance and it is so true. Sure, for a few days I enjoyed more drinks then normal. But, I still ate my UMP, was on my supplements, hit the gym, and didn’t go overboard on any meals. Right back to workouts and a healthy diet, not a contest diet this week. I feel great!

This mental balance is all I wanted coming out of contest mode and into life. Here it is. I’m sure some will read this and judge while others will say good job, and frankly I don’t care. I feel happy, healthy, and fit. I’ll do progress pics in a few days and take my weight again. I’m anticipating no major changes, but after a relaxing vacation, I would expect nothing else. Cheers to life and enjoying every moment! My alarm is set for 4:37AM tomorrow, I have a new workout program (well a previous one full of tabatas from Julie that begins tomorrow), my lean burgers, sweet potato fries, and green beans packed and a busy, productive week ahead. But, I am all smiles.

Cheers to an amazing vaca – Bud Light and Lime

LA on Memorial Day

So much fun!

Glutamine on the beach, incredible salad, hotel workout

Living life and extremely happy. 


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