For the first time I’m truly happy of who I am!

Meet Gloria Switzer – She is a FITBODY Inspiration! “My family motivates me.  I’m lucky that my husband and daughter are so supportive.  For the first time in my life I’m truly happy of who I am and where I am.” I’m 42 years old and currently work for the family business, Switzer Performance in Oberlin […]

Anti-Obesity Ads Encourage Parents to Set Better Examples

Childhood obesity is a topic we feel very strongly about here at Team FITBODY and something greatly effecting the current and future health of our nation. Blue Cross & Blue Shield Minnesota has a new anti-obesity campaign out encouraging parents to set better examples for their children. What do you think? Is it over the […]

40 lb Transformation no gym needed!

From out of shape at 44 to crazy fit WITHOUT stepping foot in the gym!  Mindy Vitale shows that with patience, persistence and hard work  you can get the tight, FITBODY you have always dreamed of…. AND you can maintain it forever! March 10, 2012~ One year ago today I wrote to Julie Lohre and […]

W.O.W. Workout of the Week 1

Fun – Family – Fitness – My workout program for kids! With the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, it is up to parents to be sure that their children are eating healthy and engaging in fun, fitness activities.  A love for fitness and healthy habits developed as a child will translate into fitter and healthier […]

I ate how much candy?

Calories from Halloween candy add up quickly!  This is what 100 calories looks like! Halloween candy has been on sale for weeks, and although you may shudder to enter a holiday season overflowing with sweets, Halloween candy might just be a tiny blessing in disguise. The small “fun size” bars and packets offer up controlled […]