Road to the Arnold

Road to the Arnold Classic

Road to the Arnold
By: Hyla Conrad

It’s the little things…

Yes, 3 weeks out from the Arnold Amateur and I know my physique has changed and improved from last year! As I prepare for these next 3 weeks ahead of me I make small changes to what I am doing. Yes, I am very hungry and have to remind myself there are children in 3rd world countries that do not get as much food as I do, and still survive. But as I make some small changes, just a couple weeks before, it doesn’t scare me. Some of you might think that changing anything is scary, especially 3 weeks from a show. But for me, it’s what keeps me going. Helps me push through these last tough weeks of prep.

Change 1- less carbs more proteins and fats. Yes people 3 weeks out from a show and I still eat carbs daily! They are yummy! But, I have found this time around, they sometimes make the hunger worse. So playing with the daily percentages of macro-nutrients is a little change that helped me. My calories are still the same, but my carbs are now centered around my training, which helps me recover and gives me more energy. Also keeps my spoon out of the peanut butter!

Change 2- earlier training=earlier bedtime. Yes, I moved my training schedule. I am up at 5am to get in my 30m HIIT cardio at 5:45 3 times a week. I used to lift at 5pm. I moved that up to 2pm. This little change helps me increase my recovery time, relax at night, and in return I sleep better. Sleeping better means better recovery! Which is essential to looking amazing on stage.

Change 3-Yes, you all know I LOVE my heart rate monitor. It’s my best friend, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing! So you will be surprised to hear, I took a break from it. Freed myself from tracking my caloric burn and max heart rate. Yes, freedom! for two HIIT sessions. This past week, I focused on the tasks, going all out, no matter the calories burned. Everyone knows those days where they just don’t have a ton of energy. Sometimes, it’s frustrating when you can’t reach that caloric goal so a break is what I needed. But it’s back to burn next session!

See little changes can help! Now if only there is a way to keep a lock and key on the peanut butter jar, until it’s time for me to eat it! That would be just flat out amazing.


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