Bod Pod – Evil Machine or Reality Check?

The Bod Pod is a device that determines your body composition – just like calipers aka getting pinched does. It looks like an egg, or a small space ship. You sit inside of it for 90 seconds and it uses air to measure body volume.

Now, the reason I decided to try the Bod Pod is because my employer was highly recommending everyone go see where their body composition stood. I went into this having a pretty good idea. Many of my co-workers I believe are going to be shocked.

Let me begin by saying this Bod Pod is by no means a luxurious or spacious egg like device. It is small – I am 5’3” and 115 pounds and I felt very confined. I fall below the average American in size. I cannot see anyone much taller or larger not panicking inside. I sat inside this Bod Pod in my bathing suit with a swim cap on and awaited my results. It was cold. Very cold.

Then the news came – 19.3% BODY FAT – Ugh. That was all I could think. I was in my off season trying to gain muscle and lose fat, and look at me 19.3% – hardly anything to brag about.

Getting ready to sit in the Bod Pod

Now this is a relative measure. When testing body fat, I am a firm believer that you should use the same measurement tool each time, whatever your choice may be. I am very used to calipers and my pinching dates with Julie. When I emailed her to let her know the “devastating” news, she kindly reminded me that my body fat was barely lower, in the 18% range the last time she pinched me just a few weeks before stage.

Putting the result into perspective, it was not that bad, but it just seemed so close to 20%. I am battling to drop fat. Even though I am in the off season, I want to feel and look lean. I am rapidly approaching my next show, 20 weeks (if I am ready) and I want to kick this fat to the curb. But, I must be patient, realistic, and remain consistent in my workouts and nutrition. So while I doubt I will ever use a Bod Pod again, I cannot curse its’ name and call it an evil machine. It simply served as a reality check of what I am made of and even though I am not where I want to be, I know I am on my way.


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